Ancients artifacts found in Panama

These ancients artifacts found in Panama all trace back to the period of 600 BC. Christopher Colombus said Panama was the Land of the Mines of Solomon More »

Jewish influences of the Northern part of Panama

The Jewish influences of the Northern part of Panama are also demonstrated by the name of the city of David in the province of Chiriqui. The city of David was founded on 1602, by Francisco de Gama. More »

The name Chiriqui was originally spelt CHER - IQUI

The Panamanian CHER - IQUI Zone of Chiriqui-Bocas-Comarca land of the Ngobe Bugle indigenous Indians of Panama, has the oldest and richest ecology in America (more species of plants and birds than all those of North America COMBINED), according to the Smithsonian Institute. More »

Cher-Iqui has the richest Huacas

Cher-Iqui (which is interpreted as ancient treasures) and Panama is one of the largest Treasure hunting sites in the world, tens of thousands of gold relics are now taken to the USA and European museums all coming from CHER IQUI More »

“Cher – Iqui”

“Cher – Iqui” means in the three languages of Aramaic, Maya & Ngobe Ka: ” Dominion of the Divine Kings from the East. “ More »


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